english as a foreign language – „at least“

My English is quite crap. Recently, I answered a few craigslist ads, trying to find a roommate at last (if anybody out there knows a place to stay in New Orleans beteween August and June, let me know!) and produced a stunning moment of language-confusion-based embarassement.

One of the ad-placers wrote something like „I don’t smoke, I drink, pets are ok…“.

I answered: „I drink (at least one ore two beers in the evening), pets are ok but I don’t bring any…“

After I sent it, I re-checked. Here is the follow-up-mail I had to send:

„D’oh – just re-read my mail – please kindly ignore my language faults. this time I did a really fun one: „at least a beer or two in the evening“ does not mean that I am a hidden alcoholic, I just mistranslated a common german phrase. What I wanted to say was that occasionally I like having a few beers. hope you can live with that :)“

To be noticed:

at least = mindestens, not less than, at the least. It is not a random-youcanuseitwhereveryouwant-filler.

I fear that my potential roomies will only write me back if they have a strange liking for german-accented, confused persons who like to have a drink once in a while, but I think I’d rather not stress that point ever again.


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