Things I need to remember asking locals as all of my American Football knowledge is based on this movie:

  • Can you live in New Orleans and like a team other than the Saints? (This is just a hypothetical question. I’m not aiming at a social outcast career, I swear. I will get a Saints jacket as soon as the new collection is in.)
  • What if you live in a state without a local football team? Who do you support?
  • Why do some states have two or three teams and other none at all?
  • What if you live in a state with two or three football teams? Who do you support?
  • Who do you support at the Super Bowl if your team didn’t make it?
  • Have you ever met a person who really paid $ 10.000 for a used Drew Brees jersey?
  • Don’t you think that Sean Payton looks a tiny little bit like Bruce Willis?
  • Why can players stand up again after having been tackled? By laws of physics and the sound of it, they should be at least unconscious.
  • And by consequence, how come 32-year-old Drew Brees is still alive and playing?
  • What’s the least liked team in the NFL?
  • Do you know all of the rules to the game?
  • Really?

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