Save the Gulf Walrus!

I most definitly will buy one of these shirts as soon as I can:

Dirty Coast, a small NOLA company, designs very beautiful, very artistic, very intellectual, very funny, and as far as I can judge, very authentic motives. They put them on T-shirts, canvas and poster (I wish they had a poster of that one…) and I can’t wait to get my hand on this shirt. And many more.

Normally, the motives are hard to get by non-locals. Now imagine how proud I was that I got the meaning of this one without looking up the explanation! Actually, it covers something I came across when I was writing my thesis. Every oil company that operates a rig in the Gulf must hand in an emergency plan to some government agency (the agency apparently does/did neither read nor care about them). The purpose of the reports was lining out how a company would react to an oil spill. Apparently, BP did not put too much effort in its own. As far as I remember, they even named somebody their oil spill expert who had been dead for about 15 years when they handed in the response plan. Another detail of this elaborate piece of intellectual work was their description of the fauna and flora that would be endangered if Deepwater Horizon blew up. According to BP, sea lions, seals, sea otters and walruses could be in mortal peril.


You might have guessed: There are no such animals in the Gulf of Mexico. Actually, walruses live in really, really cold waters. Like around Greenland or in between Alaska and Russia. Sea otters, seals and sea lions don’t live in the Gulf either, in case you wondered.

So, the Gulf Walrus really is a rare species that deserves protection. And I will wear this t-shirt and spread this message to the world!


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