steve jobs.

First of all: I am not an Apple fanatic. Mostly because I don’t care enough for fancy gadgets to spend my entire money on them. I miss my drowned iPod, but that’s about it. Nevertheless, I don’t quite agree with the „don’t feel sorry for Steve Jobs, he had his stuff produced by exploited third world kids“ or „why do people pay more attention to a rich CEO dying than millions of people starving and/or the economic crisis that’s not fair“ laments.

Of course, Apple is not a nice company. But show me one big company that is. Do you know of any oil major who hasn’t fucked up the environment/exploited foreign countries/supported obnoxious politicians in the last couple of years? Do you think insurance companys make their profits by treating people nicely? Did you ever come across an acceptable clothing company when it comes to sustainability, the images of women they transport and style? And is there a bank in the world that does not deserve colletive hatred?

CEOs try to make profits, and I think this is true for all large transnational companies: At the expense of somebody else. No, I don’t approve of this. Yes, people should speak out about this and try to make the companies change. But just picking the exact moment where that CEO dies is simply not necessary. I think, it takes seriousness from the critique.

And to the „why does nobody care about the evil in the world“ – the world cares more about the Kardashians than about CEOs dying. We should learn to live with this fact and/or improve our educational system.

I think Steve Jobs was a stunning person. His ideas introduced a paradigm shift in the way we see computers. Before, people had to be smart to operate computers. After, computers had to be smart enough to be operated by anyone. I appreciate this immensly and profit from it.


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