– I am finally getting a grip on my thesis. Of course, my excessive Internet-consumption harms the process at the moment, but I’m planning on changing this. At least a bit.

– I am very good at losing things. A black jacket is the most recent object that has abandoned me and rebelled against my ownership, and sadly, it was the one with the PRO-GE pin on it. H&M will deliver another black jacket for me, but who will provide the next steelworker-union-devotional-article?

– Parts of my familiy visited me (yay!), together we explored the Bible Belt and beautiful, but also very creepy Natchez. The Turkish countryside might be culturally more familiar to us than southern Mississippi. Never in my entire life have I seen so many dead animals on the roadside, so many churches per mile, or so many rednecks watching air balloons and drinking Bud Light. The country singer at the festival greeted his audience with a hearty „hey y’all, howr’y’all doing y’all?“, his song about his momma being half hippie and his daddy a redneck really moved the crowd. (This is no brilliant joke of mine, the song really exists.) And those antebellum houses and veeeeeeeeery quiet streets? It’s Wisteria Lane, 150 years back. But after I decided to see the trip as sociological research, it was quite alright.

– Fried food in New Orleans is delicious. Though I was sceptical at first, I have to admit, the Deep South knows how to fry its tomatos/shrimp/chicken/oysters/onions/insertwhateveryoulike. Fried stuff here tastes fresh, crispy, spicy and wonderful. Austrian fried food is ususally prepared in oil which is about a week old and tastes accordingly. Fried mushrooms with sauce tartare is likely to be the most disgusting plate you can order at a Viennese Heuriger. But even if it tastes less splendid than New Orleans fried food, I still miss Schnitzel. A little bit, at least.


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