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got some now!

the first category of categories:  which kind?

serious, seriously?, sirius black: I like puns. that’s why. and cheerio? I like the way the word sounds.

the second category of categories: what about?

photo love is for my new baby (a canon 450d), culture is the first „a bit of everything“ category, irgendwas mit medien the second. genderize is for everything related to feminism, lgbt, women in politics and so on. clever shit is self-explanatory, but I fear it might stay empty for a while, quite like economy for everyone: I think it’s important for everyone (and especially for women – get informed! empower yourselves!) to be informed about and to understand economy, as it rules most parts of our lives and is responsible for the constituion of societies – it will be a challenging (and maybe annoying, as I’m not so much into economy …) task to explain the things happening in understandable, short posts.  and last but not least there’s student things: everything related to my current profession – student and political active woman.

one may forgive my crap english.


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