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For the last couple of weeks, I was on summer holiday in the Southwest of France. Planning the trip, one of our requirements was spening a week at a sunny beach to get a tan and relax. Well, we did spend a week at a beach and the trip was lovely, but there was not the humblest sign of sun anywhere. Instead, we were entertained by several variations of rain and wind. Some times simultaneously, sometimes in turns.

I brought home wonderful weather-souvenirs:

  • damp clothes that didn’t dry after laundrying them
  • my USA visa – SOAKED.

Have you ever conducted one of these experiments at school where you paint a spot with a black marker on blotting paper and drip some water on it? A pretty rainbow-colored stain is the result. If you haven’t figured it out yet: When you combine rain and a visa, you get the same effect. The extremely scary picture of me that was printed in my passport is now bright yellow with an interestingly shaped violet border on my forehead. While I do not feel that this disturbs my incredible beauty, I have a slight concern that Homeland Security follows different standards. However, I will have to make a second call to the embassy-hotline (EUR 2,50 per minute is the punishment for getting my passport rained on) and hope they spare me the maximum sentence (getting a new passport, a new visa and some grey hair in exchange for several hundreds of Euros.)

So, back home in my dry, warm and cozy flat, I re-washed the laundry. One thing was not re-washed but washed for the first time: My iPod. Although it is incredibly clean now and smells like lavender, it did not entirely improve. It drowned and stays black and silent. Maybe I should just keep away from water for the next few days.


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