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low pressure.

English really is a handy language, but when it comes to allegories, I think Germen can keep up quite well.

Fact is, until now I did not find a sufficient translation for the „inneren Schweinehund“. The inner pig-hound (or pig-dog?) is a mean creature. If its host is under sufficient pressure, it sleeps. Occasionally, it awakes at the end of lunch-break and makes you eat two more muffins. When it barks, you get the urge to play biotronic – no use in trying to close the tab until the hound snores again.

Unfortunately, my inner pig-hound had puppies. And the puppies had puppies. I’m hosting a flock of inner pig-hounds right now, and all they to is chasing their tails. How can one keep concentrated while hundreds of inner pig-hounds bark, run around and chase their tails? Well, I can’t. True medication in form of external pressure is not to be expected soon. I’m right now judging my university-deadlines as completely irrelevant as these dogs are planning to take over my whole conciousness. I wish I would stop being a dog-run…


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